Yvondra Caprese Hayes

Holistic Financial & Health Services Professional

10210 Greenbelt Road, Suite 960 Lanham, MD 20706 USA

phone: (202) 368-0737

Yvondra Caprese Hayes

10210 Greenbelt Road

Suite 960

Lanham, MD 20706 USA

phone - (202) 368-0737


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How I can help you find, save, accumulate money and live debt free!

Hello and welcome! Thank you so much for exploring these pages of my profile. I hope you find the content here useful and informative and worth sharing with others in your family and social circles.

With degrees in Education and Insurance I have worked with various Insurance companies such as: Carefirst, AIG, The Equitable, American Income Life and Stewart Financial Services serving in various capacities and helping you make the best possible decisions for yourself and your family is my number one priority.

As a business owner and industry professional of 15 years, my passion and heart is for helping and educating women, small business owners and teachers to understand the benefits of:

•Accelerated Debt and Mortgage Payoff
•Credit Repair and Restoration
•New College Planning Options vs. The Old 529 Plans
•Tax Free Retirement Options
•The New Kind of Insurance with Living Benefits
•Learning Important Insurance Concepts
•Mortage Protection
•Key Person Insurance for Business Owners and more.

As a Life & Heath Insurance Professional and taking a holistic approach to finances, I understand there is more to you than your money as this is just one aspect to becoming healthy, wealthy and wise for a lifetime. I have presented to and educated various groups on financial wellness such as Parents, Women's Ministries, Sororities, Realtors, Physicians, Holistic Therapy Practitioners and more.

No matter what your station in life is, we can all use some guidance in what's best for our financial futures to ensure that we never out live our money and enjoy a tax-free retirement.

If your current plan only provides for your beneficiaries, then you've got the wrong plan. "The New Kind" cares for you holistically and can be used in a variety of ways based on your lifestyle and needs while you're living. It protects if you die too soon, live too long or unfortunately become ill. It's Insurance you don't have to die to use!

If you've found this business profile of mine through an email newsletter, social media channels, or you were referred here by a friend, I'm happy to have you as my guest. Check out the email newsletters, videos and social media pages from the above navigation menu. Twice a month, I put together an email newsletter full of entertaining and inspiring content. Think of these as lifestyle articles you'd find in magazines. I share similar content through my social channels as well. And if you need to get in touch, my contact information is at the bottom of each page. "For wisdom is protection just as money is protection, but the advantage of knowledge is that wisdom preserves the lives of its possessors" (Ecclesiastes 7:12). Thanks for visiting and enjoy!

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Yvondra Caprese Hayes
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